25 Feb 2005
Moss Side Story 
Today's Friday Review in the Guardian has an excellent interview with Doves (complete with wrongly-captioned photo) whose album 'Some Cities' has just been released.

The tour begins, rather appropriately, at a location significant in Doves history: "near the remnants of the studio where they once recorded as successful early 1990s dance act Sub Sub, before it burnt down along with all their equipment. This led them to regroup, using guitars, as Doves. Now the place is a burned out shell." Sub Sub were one of the most successful acts on the late Rob Gretton's Rob's Records.

The modern day Doves find out that "There's nothing left to signify Doves were ever here at all, but they leave a present for local dogs by urinating on the building. Peeing on their legacy is a typically mischievous act at odds with Doves' media image (they're mostly described with the words "miserable", "Mancunian" or "dour")."

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