5 Mar 2005
Joy Division MOJO's cover stars for April 2005 
The new issue of MOJO magazine (April 2005, #137) has cover story "Ian Curtis 25 years gone... his life his death and their legacy" plus "New Order return" an all-new interview and retrospective of New Order.

There is also a free 'Beyond Punk!' cd which contains tracks by A Certain Ratio ('Choir'), Cabaret Voltaire ('Silent Command'), Death From Above 1979, Wire, The Fall and The Human League. It's similar in style and breadth to the 'In the beginning there was rhythm' collection which came out on Soul Jazz Records a few years ago.

Just to complete the Factory package there's an updated version of the advert for The Best of The Durutti Column which includes all their previously advertised spring/summer dates plus one at the 10 Days In May Festival in Glasgow (20-29 May 2005).

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