19 Apr 2005
Joy Division Bowdon Vale - were you there? 
Photographer Martin O'Neill is looking to track down anyone who attended the legendary Joy Division gig at Bowdon Vale Youth Club in March 1979. Martin is exhibiting his unique photos of the gig at Hale Library from 3-7 May. Talking to Dianne Bourne in an article in the Manchester Evening News he said "I remember the gig was really crowded - full of teenagers - but, let's face it, Bowdon Vale Youth Club was hardly the M.E.N. Arena. Those kids will be in their late thirties now, and it would be great to hear their memories of that night. Frankly, I can't remember too much, just when Ian Curtis started dancing it scared me to death."

If you went to the gig, Martin would like to invite you to the preview on 30 April. Email Martin at martin @ groovyshots.wanadoo.co.uk

The exhibition opens at Hale Library, Leigh Road, Hale, WA15 9BG (0161 912 5966) on Tuesday May 3rd at 9.00 a.m and runs until May 7th. Prints and postcards will be on sale.


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