12 Apr 2005
New post-Hopper musical activity 
Hopper fans will be interested to know of the new musical ventures of two of the ex-members:

Rachel Ratajski (formerly Morris) recently did a couple of songs live at a club night called Slappers at a small London venue called Ciz Biz. This performance comprised Rachel on vocals with solo piano accompaniment.

Paul Shepherd, who used to play guitar in Hopper, now plays in a new band called The Sound Junkies who are based in Tonypandy, Wales. The band is a four-piece formed in 2002 and comprising Paul Shepherd (guitar), Greg (the bass guitar), Blare (the drums) and Rob (vocals). A single 'In Audio We Trust' was released on 19 November 2004. They play the Telegraph in Brixton on 8 May.

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