6 Apr 2005
Wilson's Wisdom as New Order guest edit City Life 
This week's guest editors of City Life, the Manchester listings magazine, are New Order. They pose the questions to Anthony H Wilson who has a regular column called 'Wilson's Wisdom'. And as it says in the article, "it's good to see there's no bitterness between them". And the questions (and edited highlights of AHW's answers) please...

Q1: Could you give me some advice on how to remove some stubborn stains from my sofa? I inherited it from an office above the Hacienda, and there are lots of marks of different colours, which I just can't get off. And it smells. Any ideas?

AHW says: "Forensics is the new rock rock and roll and some detailed chemical analysis of said sofa would provide a whole new series of CSI: Manchester..."

Q2: What advice could you give me from the E-generation whose kids are now growing up and coming to the edge of Temptation? It's hard not to sound like a hypocrite.

AHW says: "... drinking a full bottle of Pernod while on stage can lead to one using a 15 inch Melodica as a plectrum."

Q3: I am thinking of starting a record label, but I suffer from a severe case of 'woollen ears'. Do you have any experience of this yourself, and how do I get around it?

AHW says: "Look for a band that really mean it (maaaan), who perform like there is no choice for them to be anywhere but on that stage, and who stand in a room with a kind of look and attitude that led Sir George (Martin) to sign a band whose demos he and the rest of the London music establishment hated."

Q4: I've made a little money and want to buy a nightclub. What advice can you give me?

AHW says: "It's a Fine Time to buy a nightclub"


Also in the same issue: Hooky on the latest albums, Stephen Morris reads up on his pop (a review of Rip It Up and Start Again), The Good Doctor Alan Wise on Establishment, and, just for good measure in a very Factory issue, a piece on Martin Moscrop's day job as head of music at City College.

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