6 May 2005
A Durutti Column message from Phil Kooky Cleaver 
Phil Cleaver, who runs Kooky Discs and handle official merchandising for The Durutti Coulmn, writes:

Hi everyone !

I just wanted to post a few things which may interest people, I hope, and also apologise / grovel / pull out hair / feel embarrassed about the subscription group newsletter...

ok.... that first

The subscription group idea was really to get some of Vin's old, interesting and new work in progress at that time stuff out on CD to those who were interested in it. In addition I did say that we would do a newsletter and discount / give priority for forthcoming releases .This is still the same HOWEVER I will probably not do more than the one newsletter this year, and then perhaps not again at the renewal!

The newsletter will be out during May. I have started it on three occasions and then ended up with either the band or myself getting caught up in other things. Incidentally I am still open to offers on any items or articles that people feel may be of interest. I am not sure whether or not it is a good idea.... firstly it is hard to keep up with the pace of the net and this sub-group is a point in case. Ironically I found out here about the F4 deal at the same pace as everyone else. I'd heard rumours but nothing further.... so what chance has a piece of mailed paper got ! I also guess that we did the most important thing ie got the CD's out which is the reverse to most of these things where you get the piece of out-of-date paper and wait for the CD!!!

OK all said... I'M V V VERY SORRY for the delay in the letter being so late and i will do as follows:

1) Post newsletters out end MAY 2005
2) Give discounts as noted below to those who bought the first CD
3) Never want to do a newsletter again ;-)
4) Have info of next CD summertime

Charity gig 08/05/05

Vini is playing a charity show in Manchester on Sunday 8th May 2005 . This is for a Cancer Hospice Charity. It is a charity he has personal reasons for supporting and I hope that loads of you well the allotted 100 will all dontae generously.

We will be selling some stock at the show and everything we take will go towards the sum raised.

IN ADDITION.... Vini kindly gave Nicola (my wife) and I a song to use on our wedding day which was 6-9-03 ( hope i got that right for my own well-being). Basically, it was a completely different version of Salford Harmonics with a lead guitar part which sounds v v different to the Tempus Fugut album version. I pressed these onto a CD with a colour CD artwork in a walletie printed NOT home-done CDR's ie similar to sub-group CD's. These were for the guests and left on each table at the wedding breakfast. I have about 10 or so left and I only pressed 90 - 80 for the wedding and these spare 10 or so. If anyone is interested I am looking to sell them for the charity passing 100% on. If you want to bid please email me no later than SAT 7/5/05 21.00 BST Minimum bid is 10 GBP. PLEASE DO NOT BID IF YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO PAY - i have to say this from bitter experience..... If you think 10 pounds is steep do not bid - it is a unique track and v v rare - It is for charity and any unsold will go to Manchester on the Sunday and I can sell them there. Email me at kookydiscs @ btinternet.com if you are happy to support.

I have to go now - have some news to post about a new release album and an Amigos em Portugal re-issue which i will do in the week !
your suffering claret and blue friend (outclassed again)

et allez metz aussi

Phil kooky Cleaver ( no me neither)


Thanks to Phil for all info.


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