27 May 2005
Fac 2.02 A Factory Sample Too - the design brief 
Mat Cook was the designer of the artwork for the Factory Too release Fac 2.02 A Factory Sample Too. This is the one which features the radiator with various shapes cut out of it. Here Mat explains the brief for the work (such as it was):

"Factory Sampler was an absolute classic, we have to do a double 7-inch + cd. Tony Wilson said 'I don't want to see anything till it's on the shelf and if it's shit then I'll tell you'. Free rein then. I'd also been working with 'Blood and Fire' the reggae label and making stuff I found out there was a machine that could sandblast computer generated shape thru anything ... it didn't work ... except thru the rad."

So what looks like some intricate work with a range of power tools is actually done on a computer.

Thanks to Mat.

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