5 May 2005
More New Order live reviews 
New Order's US tour is in full swing with Coachella followed by Chicago. Here's an extract of the Billboard review by Jonathan Cohen, Todd Martens and Brian Cohen (or one of them at least) of the Coachella show:

"Sure, frontman Bernard Sumner needs a teleprompter to remember lyrics and dresses like a high-school math teacher, and bassist Peter Hook feels the need to occasionally scream into his microphone like a man possessed. But New Order conjured some truly magical moments during its Sunday set, as complex-sounding a symphony as any Coachella band could hope to create."

Love Vigilantes
Hey Now What You Doing
True Faith
Run Wild
Jetstream (with Ana Matronic)
Waiting for the Sirens' Call
Bizarre Love Triangle
Love Will Tear Us Apart

She's Lost Control
Blue Monday

Read the full review here:

Meanwhile, check out the video of 'Jetstream' and 'Atmospere' as performed at Coachella here

Here's another review extract, this time from a 4 May piece entitled 'New Order is a joy undivided' by Joshua Klein of the Chicago Tribune on the Aragon Ballroom, Chicago show on Tuesday 3 May:

"New Order, for its part, has gradually shifted from being almost confrontationally aloof to grudgingly accepting, and perhaps even being proud of, its legacy. That's noticeable from the number of Joy Division songs the group now regularly and enthusiastically sticks into its set."

Read the full review here


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