5 May 2005
The Occasional Keepers 
The Occasional Keepers is the brand new collaboration between fellow ex-members of The Wake, Carolyn Allen and Caesar, and Bobby Wratten of Trembling Blue Stars (ex-The Field Mice and Northern Picture Library). An album titled 'The Beauty Of The Empty Vessel' is set to come out on LTM after the summer.


1. The Bracken.
2. Rose Scented Fire.
3. J Carpenter Kid.
4. Of Nightingales.
5. Concrete Music.
6. In Quiet Isolation.
7. Desire.
8. North Sea Rig.
9. The Crackle Of Debris.
10. The Last Lighthouse Keeper.

The album's running time is about 50 minutes 24 seconds. Production is by Ian Catt and The Occasional Keepers. Everything was recorded and mixed by Ian over nine days in London. All compositions are by Carolyn, Caesar and Bobby.


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