22 May 2005
Watching The Hydroplanes / Guessing The Way 
LTM is re-releasing LTMCD 2313 Guessing The Way by Tunnelvision as two newly-enhanced discs.

James Nice explains how and why: "Some of you already own 'Guessing the Way' which we released way back in 1998, mixing demos and live tracks. At that time, we did not have access to all master tapes (some were then lost), and the rights to the Factory 7" single were in dispute.

"Since then much has changed, chiefly that the master tapes to both studio demos from 1980 and 1981 were discovered (thanks Peter Hook!), and the 7" is also available. LTM and TV therefore decided to remaster and reissue 2313, and the decided that it would be better still to split GTW into two expanded full length CDs.

"So, we now have LTMCD 2409 Watching the Hydroplanes, which is essentially a studio CD with all the demo tracks (inc Hook mixes) and the Factory 7", in new artwork based on the excellent Fac 39 sleeve. And then we have LTMCD 2313 Guessing the Way V2.0, which contains the complete Blackpool and Bristol shows, both New Order supports and both mastered from the original sound desk cassettes."

More details of both CDs and the recent Tunnelvision CD single available direct from LTM.

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