1 Jun 2005
New Happy Mondays discography site now online 
Several years after Factory Records Limited first said: "and by the way, the one thing really missing from the e-world is a site devoted to one of the finest bands in the history of rock and roll and or civilisation - the Happy Mondays. It will be tough for us to get it together but if some nerd who did too much e is out there, a geek who knows that 'Kinky Afro' is the finest musing on parenthood since Yeats's 'Prayer for my Daughter', and he wants to put a little baggy (no longer an insult but a reference to the rolling rhythms created when mid 80's Detroit met Little Hulton) HTML up there, Factory will give support and content, endlessly. The web's wonderful except no Mondays. Please help and we'll help you." - the wait is over. Check out Sebfact's brand new A Happy Mondays Discography which has just launched. It features the complete works broken down by albums, singles, videos, compilations, soundtracks and mixes. Nice one. Top. Sorted.

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