25 Jun 2005
New Order's setlist @ Wireless, Hyde Park 
The setlist annotated with choice banter from Bernard (and occasional Hooky):

1. Crystal
["Sorry about the rain, we must've brought it down from Manchester"]
2. Regret
["You gotta think of a better line than that. Even we can. OK. This is Krafty. . No it's not. It's Love Vigilantes."]
3. Love Vigilantes
["Fuck me. I know we're stupid Mancunians but we know the name of our group! This one IS Krafty."]
4. Krafty
["Let's do True Faith cos my SG's not working"]
5. True Faith
["How are we doin' Rog? Any good news for me? OK, we're gonna do Transmission, a Joy Division song."]
6. Transmission
["OK, I know it's a cliche but is everyone having a good time?"]
7. Run Wild
["Anyone got hayfever? Come backstage after and I'll give yer a snort of somethin' that'll sort ya out. Allereze"]
8. Jetstream
["OK, we just gotta tune up for a sec. Just to prove it's not all on tape."]
9. Waiting for The Sirens' Call
["Thang you very much!"]
10. Bizarre Love Triangle
["Anyone got a spare set of lungs out there?" Hooky - "That's the worst example of dad-moshpit-dancing I've ever seen. You must all be over you bunch of mad fookin daft bastards. This is the first ever indie song."]
11. Love Will Tear Us Apart
["This is the 2nd ever indie song"]
12. Temptation
[Bernard apologised for ongoing tech problems. Hooky - "I'd like to dedicate this to everyone who can't be here tonight"]
13. Atmosphere
["Phil wants to do She's Lost Control"]
14. She's Lost Control
["It's Blue Fuckin' Monday. But we love it."]
15. Blue Monday



- - - -