22 Jun 2005
The Adventure Babies live in Stafford 
The very very very last gig this Saturday at Stafford Rangers Social Club approaches and here's the latest on the possible line-up:

The 'full time' band on the night should be something like:

Matt Tedstone (vocals, possible Wurlitzer)
Dave Atherton (guitar, vocals)
Ken Hughes (keys)
Roger Johns (drums, bv's)
Dave Hall (bass, bv's)

Plus various cameo appearances are rumoured (with various levels of possibility from * to *****) by:

Phil Goodall (vocals) *****
Scott Kennedy (percussion) *****
Eddie Morton (guitar, vocals) ***
Rich Hall (bass, no relation to Dave, and not the craggy faced US comedian) **
Dave Birch (AdBabs other drummer who also played with Dave Hall, Dave Atherton, and Ken in 'Parker', our other band) *
Maxine Bailey (vocals)... very very slight possibility *

Astute sports fans will note that this is equivalent to a footy team. Yet Dave H's suggestion of getting a full set of Brazil shirts was not taken seriously for some reason...


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