14 Jul 2005
In the time of the saundcheka 
From OrganicNickLoud's Livejournal site (in Russian) here translated by the remarkable Babelfish and unedited for your edification:

"Reilly's Vinni aka Durutti Column - living legend. It from that tusovki itself Factory Records, about which Maykl Uinterbottom removed its 'twenty-four hour party-goers'. Certainly, it is not so known as New Order or Happy Mondays, but its surrounding halo of 'that m3d- chesire cheese itself' attracts as strong magnet. For his fifty with the small, Reilly appears very well, especially in comparison with his drummer, to whom to the form all seventy. Grey-haired old man in the dark glasses and the white suit, however, to silushku has Herculean - in the time of saundcheka he without the shadow of stress dragged on the scene his installation, where one barrel was from it size. It drummed also, it is necessary to say that - a good school of expensive stands for ten young. However, Reilly played on his guitar some strange passages, as a result the music was more similar to progressiv the fate and of belonging with the 'new wave' reminded one only the history."

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