21 Jul 2005
Martin Moscrop's new label Heart and Soul launches @ Futuresonic, Manchester, 23 August 
May 2004

The Ritz, Manchester. A Certain Ratio have just finished a showstopping set at an emotional tribute night for the late and legendary Joy Division / New Order manager, Rob Gretton. Martin Moscrop (ACR mainstay, producer of Manchester's first acid house record, amongst many other things), turns to two friends, Rob Bright and Paul Dering:

"I've had something in mind for years... I want to start a label. And I want you two twats to be my A&R men."

One of the highlights of the night had been ACR's cover of Joy Division's 'Heart & Soul', guest-starring Peter Hook.

"That's sorted then. Find me some brilliant music."

August 2005

At Futuresonic, Manchester on Saturday 23 August, Heart and Soul two true originals - 0898 DAVE and KINGS HAVE LONG ARMS. Both have pedigree - 0898 Dave created the seminal 'Rubbish Monkey' single for Manchester's Repap label, his 'Somebody Else's Wife' LP is genius, and the new stuff we've heard is on another level. He is in a field of his own. Adrian Flanegan, better known as Kings Have Long Arms, is known to the righteous few through a series of brilliant singles, such as 'Pigeons Carry My News' and 'Rock & Roll Is Dead', which featured The Human League's Phil Oakey. The KHLA live show is a whole other beast - an electro-pop carnival, which could well feature a Mexican wrestler in a gimp mask, Sherlock Holmes on the stylophone, a lion playing keyboards, and a massive all-in conga dance to the outrageous new single 'All Hail Satan'. Seeing is still not quite believing.

Both these artists combine electronic music, edgy humour and bags of good old-fashioned songwriting craft to fashion music that is quite unlike much else out there. 'Outsider Pop' is the best way we can describe it, vibrant music that owes nothing to style mags, focus groups or PR machinery. They write GREAT TUNES. With heart. And Soul.

Saturday 23 August
The Roadhouse
Newton Street
Doors: 10pm - 3am
FREE [Free Wrist Band available via www.futuresonic.com or in person from The Bridgewater Hall, Cord, Piccadilly Records, Fat City Records, Kro Bar and Kro2. Limited availability.]

'All Hail Satan' by Kings Have Long Arms and 'Somebody Else's Wife' by 0898 Dave will be available soon on Heart & Soul.

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