25 Oct 2005
FAC / Manchester night in Malmo, Sweden 
The international appeal of Factory Records and Manchester music:

Anyone living in Malmo, Sweden, or in the vicinity, e.g. Copenhagen and Lund, should definitely check out the indie venue Panora on Saturday 19 November. The club is called Decades and they will try to capture the Manchester / Factory sound from the early 80s (and a couple of years in the late 70s), via the early 90s Madchester to present time with bands like Interpol, Editors and Kasabian.

Previous Manchester-themed nights have included Hallelujah.

Check out www.panora.nu for more info.

S:t Gertrudsgatan 4
211 25 Malmo
tel/fax: 040-6112707

Thanks to Mattias.


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