21 Oct 2005
John Dowie's Dogman - now available on CD 
From johndowie.com, the official John Dowie site:

History (September 2005 update): "... Record DOGMAN CD with assistance of NEIL INNES (music and songs) and PHILL JUPITUS (narration). Released by Laughing Stock records, September 26, 2005. Decide that DOGMAN and JOSEPH aside, all show business aspirations have been met (see above). Off on cyling tour of Europe with a tent, some bags and a Dogman doll. Things going splendidly."

Dogman! a Comedy Musical Drama for Children
Release date: 3 October 2005
Tracklisting: 1. Dogman, 2. D.O.G.M.A.N, 3. All Alone, 4. Dogmanland


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