14 Oct 2005
New Order: Q Legends 
Joy Division won the Q Legend award at the recent Q Awards. The statuette was bestowed upon Peter Hook, Steve Morris and Natalie Curtis by Guy Garvey of Elbow.

Q's Exchange of the Day was as follows:

Peter Hook: "I remember Paul Weller saying to us one time: 'Are you the support band?' And we said, 'No we're Joy Division'."
Steve Morris: "That's very abstract, Hooky. True, but abstract."
Hooky: "Bernard would be here, but he thinks Q are a bunch of two-faced cunts who have always given us bad reviews."


Later in the week, New Order played a highly-charged 6-song set at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on London's South Bank as part of a special gig to commemorate the first anniversary of the death of John Peel. The setlist included Joy Division's 'Warsaw'.

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