21 Dec 2005
Factory namechecked in Warp Records book 
The new retrospective book on the Warp Records label by Rob Young (The Wire magazine). Factory Records is cited in the book a few times:

- in an essay on Warp's design aesthetic by Adrian Shaughnessy, a quote from Tony Wilson's '24 Hour Party People' (FAC 424) book is used.

- in a feature on Autechre's sleeve art, Ian Anderson, founder of The Designers Republic, mentions the cover for Joy Division's 'Unknown Pleasures' (FACT 10) as being a good example of the cover art having the right relationship with the music.

- in an interview with former Warp employee and founder of off-shoot hip-hop label Lex Records (home of Danger Mouse and Boom Bip), Tom states "I want Lex to have a reputation for design like Factory."


Title: Warp (labels unlimited)
Published: 22 November 2005
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing
Format: Paperback
Pages: 192
ISBN: 1904772323

Available now from: amazon.co.uk and other good stores.

Thanks to Mike Stein for info.

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