11 Jan 2006
Espers cover 'Tomorrow' by The Durutti Column 
Espers have done a cover version of 'Tomorrow' by The Durutti Column on their new album of covers 'The Weed Tree'. Speaking about their version on Poptones' Questions of Doom last year, Espers man Christopher Smith said "Vini Reilly is a guitar god. Meg Baird is a guitar goddess and a big fan of that song. Listen to the guitars on both the original and our version of the song". The Weed Tree is out now.

Title: The Weed Tree (available via Boomkat and other good music sellers)
Label: Locust Music
Format: CD and 180 gram vinyl lp
Tracklisting: Rosemary Lane (Traditional), Tomorrow (Durutti Column), Black is the Color (Traditional), Afraid (Nico), Blue Mountain (Michael Hurley), Flaming Telepaths (Blue Oyster Cult), Dead King (Espers)


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