20 Jan 2006
Stephin Merritt's 'Showtunes' out 14 March 
From The House of Tomorrow Newsletter

Stephin Merritt's 'Showtunes' is set for release on March 14 on Nonesuch Records. This 26-song CD contains a selection of compositions created for Chen Shi-Zheng's 'Orphan of Zhao' (2003), 'Peach Blossom Fan' (2004), and 'My Life as a Fairy Tale' (2005), and features members of the original casts and ensembles. The complete recorded score, including selections not on the CD, will be available through iTunes and many major pay-per-download services.

Also, Stephin Merritt (as The Gothic Archies) and novelist Daniel Handler (as Lemony Snicket) are set to release a CD of songs to accompany the book series 'A Series of Unfortunate Events'. The CD will feature 13 songs plus creepy bonus tracks. If nothing goes according to plan, the release will coincide with the unveiling of Lemony's 13th and final volume of the series, scheduled for release on Friday 13 October 2006.


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