9 Feb 2006
Kevin Cummins 'Arca' 
There was an excellent turn-out last night for the launch of the new Kevin Cummins exhibition 'Arca' at Paul Stolper including the man himself plus Natalie Curtis, Jeremy Deller (2004 Turner Prize-winning artist), Ben Kelly, Carol Morley, Paul Morley, Maxine Peake (Shameless), Gonnie Rietveld, Mick Rock, Michael Shamberg, Neil Spencer (ex-NME editor from the Cummins era), Richard Wentworth (sculptor), and a camera crew from the Manchester District Music Archive (hello Alison!).

Talking exclusively to Cerysmatic Factory, Kevin Cummins said, whilst joking that he was standing in front of his picture of East Germany (in reality, Princess Parkway, Hulme, 1979 in the snow), "Paul Stolper asked me about 18 months ago if I'd like to do some Joy Division pictures with him. We sorted it out over quite some time and eventually whittled it down to a selection of eleven pictures. So it was a really tight edit."

Read the rest of this interview along with a full feature review and much more in my new fanzine 'Scream City' which is launching very soon. Watch this space for further details.

Thanks to Kevin Cummins and Paul Stolper.

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