14 Feb 2006
Scream City - the new Manchester / Factory Records fanzine - out now! 
The first edition of my new fanzine 'Scream City' is now available via eBay.

Many thanks to those who have already bought it already. It is also available in the Rough Trade shop, Neal's Yard, Covent Garden, London but Mancunians should not worry because it will soon be available in a number of places in Manchester itself (such are the vagaries of printing a Manchester fanzine in London!). Details to follow.

Scream City covers Manchester music, art(s), books and popular culture and features a number of guest writing contributions. It includes an assessment of record collecting in the post-eBay world and old school alternatives, Tony Wilson on various Factory artefacts, exclusive new artwork by Matt Carroll (Central Station Design), a new version of my biography of The Durutti Column, a review of the career of noted Mancunian Jeff Noon who was once in Manicured Noise and an interview with Kevin Cummins to coincide with his new exhibition 'Arca' which continues at Paul Stolper until 11 March.

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