15 Mar 2006
Deeply Vale of the 1970s 5CD box set 
Deeply Vale 2006 may not be happening but despair ye not. Those nice people at Ozit Morpheus Records are working on bringing you a 5CD retrospective set of the classic years of the Seventies at Deeply Vale.

This will feature tracks from as many musicians as possible who played the Festival during that time including some from The Durutti Column who were playing their third live set ever. The featured tracks are 'Halitosis' and 'Boxes'.

The rest of the line-up includes Steve Hillage, The Fall, Wilful Damage, Danny and the Dressmakers (featuring Graham Massey), Fast Cars, The Tunes, The Ruts, and, erm, the joint rolling contest.

The full package is in the process of being finalised but if there are any other musicians who were there or who want to be involved in donating a track or two to this boxed set please contact Ozit Morpheus.

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