29 Mar 2006
FAC 471: Hallelujah - A Celebration of Madchester 
Wilson House Presents
In association with 97.7 XFM Manchester

Shaun Ryder
A Guy Called Gerald
Jon Da Silva
808 State
+ Very special guests

Saturday 13th May 2006
10pm till 3.30am
Madchester Academy 1
Oxford Road

Tickets 17.50 GBP
Student Union Box Office - 0161 275 2930
Piccadilly Box Office St Annes Sq. - 0161 832 1111
Eastern Bloc - 0161 228 6432

Dress code: Baggy Jeans, Bandannas, Smiley Face T-Shirts, Whistles & Horns

"As the summer sun rises over Madchester once again, acid-fuelled memories of baggy pants, bandanas and smiley-face t shirts become reality, and the city gets ready to party like its 1988. Think back to the days when Mondays were Happy, 808 was the name of a state and pills, thrills and bellyaches were welcomed - to an era that produced the most definitive soundtrack ever, for each generation to follow. 808 State, Jon Da Silva and A Guy Called Gerald lead the revolution in the clubs, while the Reverend Shaun Ryder and his counterpart the Freaky Dancin' Bez lead the revolution on the stage. And for one summer evening only, Madchester is back "in the area", with all five legendary outfits taking to the stage once more - for the party of the decade... And God made Madchester."

With thanks to Wilson House on the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board.

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