23 Apr 2006
From Italian Love Party to Autopilot 
1995 - FAC 2.01 A Factory Sample Too is released by Factory Too and features tracks by K-Track, The Orch, East West Coast and Italian Love Party. Peter Hook later complains that never got paid for releasing the last of these bands.

2006 - Ben Evans and Graeme Brooker (ex-Italian Love Party), together with Jasper Wilkinson are recording together as Autopilot and are set to release 'Smokescreens' on a compilation album due out in the summer on Timbreland Recordings out of Manchester (also the home to Josephine Oniyama, the singer who once supported The Durutti Column). Check out a preview of this track and another called 'All In Our Hands' on their MySpace site at www.myspace.com/iamyourautopilot.

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