8 Jun 2006
ITN Archive Top 10 Debut Performances 

The ITN Archive, which includes many seminal music programmes like So It Goes, The Tube and What's On and other programmes originally shown on Granada, Channel 4 & other channels, celebrates the launch of it's music catalogue with Top 10 Commercial TV debut performances, based on impact, longevity and sheer drama:

1. Sex Pistols; 'Anarchy in the UK' on So It Goes (28 August 1976).
2. Nirvana; 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' on The Word (8 November 1991)
3. Oasis; 'Supersonic' on The Word (4 March 1994)
4. Madonna; 'Holiday' on The Tube (27 January 1984)
5. Frankie Goes to Hollywood; 'Relax' on The Tube (9 December 1983)
6. REM; 'Radio Free Europe' on The Tube (18 November 1983)
7. Billie Holliday; 'Strange Fruit' on Chelsea at 9 (18 March 1959)
8. The Fall; 'Psycho Mafia' on What's On (1 June 1978)
9. Joy Division; 'Shadowplay' on What's On (June 1978)
10. The Clash; 'Janie Jones' on So It Goes (11 December 1977)

"The ITN music catalogue is available for licensing worldwide not only into traditional media like television, radio and cinema but also into the ever expanding area of content for 3G mobile phones, web sites and, in particular DVD and CD where 'extras' on re-releases are packed with unseen and rare performances."

DVD sets of programmes like So It Goes, Play At Home, The Other Side of Midnight, etc would be most welcomed in these quarters. Desperate to see these shows and don't have loads of cash? Write to your friendly neighbourhood dvd production company, your MP or, failing that, the lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen.


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