4 Jun 2006
The Durutti Column live at Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells 
The Durutti Column made a return visit last night to the Trinity Theatre, a converted church in Tunbridge Wells not dissimilar to the All Saints Centre in Lewes where DC played in 2002 (but the Trinity comes complete with full tiered seating).

Support act Hayestack played a good solo set on acoustic guitar and was promptly followed by the Duruttis at about 8:50. As is usual on the occasions, Vini thanked everyone profusely for coming before they launched into a lengthy Blues jam opening number.

This was followed by 'Otis' which mutated into a 'Blind Elevator Girl' outro.

Returning to the tradition of setlists from recent years we then had a splendid 'Jacqueline' with Bruce on wondrous form on drums and Vini cranking it up to 11 on guitar.

New guest vocalist Helen hadn't made the the trip so the numbers of the new album 'Keep Breathing' were limited to Vini solo on 'Big Hole' and 'Gun'.

The set closed with the three classics 'The Missing Boy', 'The Beggar' (Keir confessing later to being a semi-tone off in that one) and 'Requiem for Mother'.

Rapturous applause came and the band returned for the encores of 'Albatross' and 'Revolver'.

And we all went home happy.

Stand by for an announcement on a Portugese festival date in July as The Durutti Column's 2006 tour continues.


"Blues" [Vini thanked everyone for coming and introduced his now not-so-new Gibson Jimmy Page Les Paul and said that he would try to play the Blues]
Otis / Blind Elevator Girl
Jacqueline [followed by Vini's introductions of Keir and Bruce]
Big Hole [Vini solo with Keir on harmonica]
Gun [Vini solo. In introduction he said "Here's another jolly happy one to have you jumping around and having a good time"]
The Missing Boy
The Beggar
Mum's tune (Requiem for Mother)
Albatross [in introduction Vini said "we're gonna try and do a rock 'n' roll medley from the Sixties" and then at the end "Bruce has played with Peter Green who wrote that"]


Thanks to the Trinity people for being so friendly (and letting me in!). Hi to Alex and Steve.


- - - -