11 Jul 2006
Filming starts on Ian Curtis movie 'Control' 

Filming finally started yesterday on 'Control', the new movie being directed by Anton Corbijn.

'Control' spans the last few years of Ian Curtis’ life leading up to his tragic suicide in 1980. It charts the struggle between his enduring love for his wife and his burgeoning relationship with his girlfriend, his decimating bouts with epilepsy, his incredible talent and his all consuming performances with Joy Division.

Selected Cast

Ian Curtis - Sam Riley
Deborah Curtis - Samantha Morton
Annik Honore - Alexandra Maria Lara
Bernard Sumner - James Anthony Pearson
Peter Hook - Joe Anderson
Stephen Morris - Harry Treadaway
Rob Gretton - Toby Kebbell
Anthony Wilson - Craig Parkinson

Selected Production Crew

Director: Anton Corbijn
Producers: Orian Williams, Anton Corbijn and Todd Eckert under the production company NorthSee
Executive Producers: Becker International, EM Media, Warner Bros Music UK, Film I Vast, Cinema Investment Japan in association with Three Dogs and a Pony and Kate Ogborn
Co-Producers: Peter Heslop, Deborah Curtis, Anthony Wilson and Helena Danielsson from Hepp Films

'Control' has a studio and production base in Nottingham, with location filming taking place in both Nottingham and Macclesfield.

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