30 Jul 2006
So, farewell then, Top of the Pops 
Top of the Pops, the BBC's long-running music show, has now gone to the great musical tv graveyard in the sky along with The Tube, Wired and The Word. The last show screened this evening in the UK. Of the many tributes in print and in the media, perhaps the most notable for FAC fans is the Saturday Guardian's magazine which includes anecdotes from Paul Ryder (Happy Mondays) and Steve Morris (New Order) on perhaps their most famous (or infamous) appearances on the show.

New Order refused to mime, played 'Blue Monday' live and in the words of Steve "it sounded awful". But at least they had the balls not to mime.

Happy Mondays went down in legend by appearing on the same show as The Stone Roses. He recalls how a madcap plan to swap the bands' respective drummers nearly came off but was rumbled by the BBC.

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