4 Jul 2006
The Second Durutti Column Subscription Group CD 
A subscription-only service available to everyone, unlimited but unavailable in the shops! An annual newsletter and a free CD of unreleased tracks, demos, outtakes across the years. All copies are available at any time. This is not a limited edition; DO NOT BUY from eBay at higher prices; copies will always be pressed to suit demand.

The provisional tracklisting of the new cd is:

Heaven and Hell
New Start
... your love baby
French Opera I
Guitar Piece 1989
Detail for Paul (Home 4-track demo)
Conduct / Sketch for Winter
"... we're gonna keep playing it 'til we get it right"

The SECOND Subscription Group CD will be released in July (to be followed by a newsletter towards the end of 2006) priced UK: GBP 15.00, EUROPE: 17.00, ROW: 20.00 inc P&P.

However, existing members of the sub-group are entitled to purchase it NOW via MAIL ORDER ONLY at a reduced price of GBP 12.00 (inc P&P to anywhere in the world). Pre-orders are fine but delivery will be early July 2006. Order using Paypal - philcleaver@btinternet.com

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