25 Sept 2006
Old men dj-ing 
According to today's Manchester Evening News, however, Vini Reilly will play an acoustic set at a hastily convened 'bash' at Leroy Richardson's One Central Street tonight. Hosted by Tony Wilson, who also promises to dj, and sponsored by Simply Red, "The party is a celebration of the 150th anniversary this year of the birth of Keir Hardy, the founder of the Labour party".

Timed to coincide with the Labour Party Conference that is currently being held in Manchester, One Central Street is a stone's throw away from the hi-security enclave that is temporarily housing New Labour. Says Wilson: "There's a whole new business in old men dj-ing. I'll be making my set a little bit political. There'll be some Woody Guthrie and some Jefferson Airplane." Local band Polytechnic and other 'special guests' are promised.


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