7 Oct 2006
And there it was....gone! 
Anybody hoping to be entertained by the 'Manchester Original Modern' street campaign whilst xmas shopping will be in for a disappointment. Most of it has already been taken down after just three weeks.

The 'Manchester welcomes the Labour Party' posters were replaced by 'Manchester Food & Drink' straight after the conference, the Albert Square displays went a few days ago - as did the 'Be Original, Be Modern' lightshow - and the Moss Side 'Manchester' signage has been replaced by 'In The City' banners.

The most 'spectacular' act must be the 'Original Modern' lamppost pennants, which have been replaced by....Christmas trees.

Manchester City Council Tax starts at GBP 799.50 per annum for band A properties and runs through to GBP 2398.50 per annum for band H properties. Students are exempt.


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