10 Oct 2006
Japanese edition of 'Keep Breathing' + "mystery" dvd 
'Keep Breathing' by The Durutti Column is set to be released in Japan on 22 November on Imperial Records (Cat No. TECI-30398) according to pre-release information on HMV Japan broken on the Durutti YahooGroups email list. This is listed as a 2-disc set, with the regular album on cd plus a bonus dvd with as-yet-undisclosed content.

The content was rumoured to contain elements connected to the Story Rooms installation curated by Andrea Zapp last year in Manchester for which Vini Reilly provided soundtrack material. However, eil.com is listing it as a forthcoming import and describes the dvd as "The Durutti Column Live at Xfm Manchester" (tracklisting to be confirmed).

Vini's music for Story Rooms did appear on the official dvd. Andrea explained all to Cerysmatic Factory:

"We produced a limited edition of 500 DVD copies which were distributed by the Cornerhouse to museums, galleries, bookshops and via their website etc. Vini also wrote the soundtrack quite early on in spring last year, while I was still working on the installation. Although he reworked samples of it on his CD later in the year, he still considers it to be a different project and piece of music, we just had a chat about this recently. So I'd be surprised if there is a link between this release and the exhibit."

With Japanese releases being such a fickle thing only time will tell the exact nature of the bonus dvd content.

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