7 Oct 2006
What was so great about the Haçienda then? 
The honorary membership scheme and being able to get Lime & Soda for 0.15GBP from Leroy. That's what.

Urbis and MNMArchive are having a public 'talk' under the banner 'What was so great about the Haçienda then?' on 14 November 2006:


One of the evening's facilitators, friend of cerysmatic David Nolan, states: "It's an en masse discussion with the usual suspects specifically prevented from starting the debate because it's about the PUNTERS experience".
This will be achieved with the help of a "panel of punters, djs, authors and musicians".

Anybody wishing to relate any experiences/memories of the very early days of the club can contact David via email: mediaexpertise@fsmail.net or via www.myspace.com/davidnolanwriter

Tickets are available from the Urbis shop or via 0161 605 8220 at 3.00GBP.

Urbis are planning their own summer of Haçienda in 2007 and have a series of Haçienda photographs on show in the corridor gallery from 18 October - 4 December 2006.

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