9 Feb 2007
Kevin Hewick update 
There's plenty new to check out at kevinhewick.co.uk, the official website of Leicester troubadour Kevin Hewick:

Free mp3s

- 'Morphia' performed live at Leeds University May 6 1980 (not the version on FACT 24 A Factory Quartet although other tracks from that album were from this gig).
- 'Quarterhearted' an unreleased demo from 2004.
- 'An Object She's Left Behind' from the still-unreleased 'Doomcloud' album.


Kevin's new thoughts on supporting Joy Division, ACR and Section 25 on 7 Feb 1980, the CD reissue of 'From Brussels With Love' and the recording of 'Haystack' with New Order.


New lists of the major gigs / supports Kevin has been involved with over the years plus details of upcoming gigs including some of Kevin's legendary 2/3 hour specials.

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