25 Feb 2007
Kooky Records website relaunch 
Cerysmatic Factory is pleased to announce that the Kooky Records website, www.kookydisc.co.uk, has been refixed and relaunched.

The site features the full Kooky Catalogue with full Paypal- and snail mail-driven shop facilities. If it's still available, you'll be able to buy it there. Check out the highly competitive prices.

Kooky has three main bands: The Durutti Column, The Retro Spankees (who've just finished a national tour) and The National Parks. Full details, including news on eBay sales and new albums are available along with streaming mp3 audio.

Fans of The Durutti Column can find out about how to sign up to The Durutti Column Subscription Group.

Plus, there is an exclusive new track by The National Parks called 'I'll Never Stop Coming Home To You', mixed at Phil Cleaver Home of Sound, available to stream.

Congratulations to Alex and Phil. It was a pleasure.


Official sites for Kooky Bands:

www.thedurutticolumn.com, MySpace
www.theretrospankees.com, MySpace
www.thenationalparksmusic.com, MySpace

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