30 Jul 2007
Putting the Inde in Indesit 
Lee Gale in Saturday's Grauniad Guide discusses New Order's considerable volte-face in allowing their music to be used in television advertising.

This'll be the same New Order who turned down $40,000 from Heinz in the early nineties for the use of their world cup theme tune 'Eating For England (En-ger-land!)' in a ketchup ad!

Presumably 'Blue Monday' (Mars and Sunkist) and 'Hey Now' (Indesit washing machines) will be more lucrative now than 'World In Motion' would have been fifteen years ago?

No wonder they're now arguing over who-left-whom and, therefore, who-owns-what!?!
Suggestions for future Indesit soundtracks include 'Round & Round', 'Vanish (ing Point)' and '(Whites) Ruined in a Day'.

Thanks Neil.


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