24 Jul 2007
Unity Gain 
Tickets are still available for Wednesday (July 25th) night's discussion of genius producer Martin Hannett and his association with Factory Records.

Hosted by "Hannett's friend and former Durutti Column singer" (and regular cerysmaticFactory contributor) Colin Sharp and featuring Martin Moscrop, MickMiddles and CP Lee, the event marks the launch of Colin's book "Who KilledMartin Hannett?".

Colin describes his book as "a faux-detective thing, a little bit tongue in cheek" in today's Metro freesheet (Five QuestionsFor...Colin Sharp).

The discussion will be held in the foyer of Urbis, after which singer-turned-author-turns-dj and spins some Hannett classics in the Urbis Social bar.

The great man's 'Fernando' at full blast please!

Ticket details on the Urbis website.

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