22 Aug 2007
A Factory Night (once again): update 
The Amsterdam leg of this Factory mini-tour involving Section 25, Crispy Ambulance, Kevin Hewick and The Names and other goodies has had to be cancelled.

On the Cerysmatic Factory Message Board, organiser Fred explains why and throws more light on what can be expected: "I can give some answers. I had this idea of Factory Night last year when I promoted the Section 25 gig in Brussels. Vin Cassidy and I discussed about it and in the next months, the idea developped, with the great help of Vin, James Nice, and Annik Honoré. I then looked for similar dates in neighbour countries to build a kind of mini-tour. For some reasons unnecessary to explain, the Melkweg date is indeed cancelled but another date in Holland is under construction. Cologne (14 December) has never been confirmed. In any case, the Brussels date (15 December 2007) is fully confirmed.

Here is the programme:

Concerts: Section 25, The Names, Crispy Ambulance, Kevin Hewick DJ sets: Martin Moscrop + local DJ's

Exhibitions: Philippe Carly (photographs) www.newwavephotos.com, Katja Ruge (photographs) www.myspace.com/fotoreportage23, Factory Benelux (posters and other stuff) Projections: Shadowplayers and various documents

Additional things are being discussed. All details can be found here. Initially, it was just a 'Factory Night' but when we learnt the very sad news of Tony Wilson's death, we directly decided to dedicate the event to his memory. All profits will be donated to cancer research.

Tickets can be obtained at www.ticketnet.be.

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