12 Aug 2007
PeterHookSection25's tribute to Tony Wilson 
Peter Hook (on MySpace): "Its a very very very sad day! i feel very lost out here in japan. its like my father dying all over again. Im devastated! ill be going back to england as soon as possible to pick up the pieces my heart goes out to yvette oliver hilary and issabell im thinking of you all my heart is broken. say hello to rob ian and martin for me please tony Rest in peace god bless."

Section 25 (on MySpace): "Just been listening to a geezer on Radio 2 saying that Tony should be somehow recognised posthumously for his contribution to the North's Musical Heritage of the past 30 years..... Think he was hinting at a Knighthood.... Considering who have received such accolades down the years (Mick Jagger..?) it doesnt sound so daft....... Tony, financially you were a mess but as a human being you were a one-off and a true visionary..... Thank you for being you. X"

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