28 Aug 2007
Tony Wilson: A Tribute 
A half-hour tribute to Tony Wilson was broadcast in Granadaland on Monday night (27/08/07), one week after his funeral.

Written & Produced by Ged Clarke and narrated by Lucy Meacock, the program was based in part on the earlier Granada 24HPP documentary and the recent Granada tribute interviews, but with additional material from Richard Madeley and Judy Sullivan ("It seems like some sort of celestial mistake has been made"), Paul Ryder ("His boots are, like, size 40 million...who's gonna fill 'em?"), Oliver Wilson ("He was just never going to stop") and Bob Greaves ("He was The One. With a capital T and a big capital O").

The title music was, of course, 'Anthony' by Durutti Column.

The program has not been made available online, thus far. [Update: programme now available via itvlocal.com/granada]

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