23 Sept 2007
Quiz Night 
Eyes down for a re-run of Elliot Eastwick's 25th Anniversary Haçienda quiz from the event of the same name at Urbis the other night.

Obvious technical limitations mean we can't run the "name the artist and title" audio or video questions - nor can we re-run Frank Sidebottom's sublime medley of Manchester hits that constituted an entire round of its own!

Instead we have the twenty-one remaining text-based questions over two rounds with a possible twenty-seven points maximum score. This is for FUN only - so no cheating - and please do not email us the answers, which we will post next weekend:

Round One

1. Name the first DJ and the first live act at The Haçienda. (2 points)

2. Which famous spy was 'The Gay Traitor' bar named after? (1 point)

3. Give the name (or type) of two businesses that were run from The Haçienda during the day. (2 points)

4. Name the last DJ and the last live act at The Haçienda. (2 points)

5. 'Flesh' was the second gay night at The Haçienda. Name the first. (1 point)

6. The Pet Shop Boys used an artist's films as a backdrop at their Haçienda concert. Name the artist. (1 point)

7. Name the two resident DJs at 'Wide'. (2 points)

8. Name the three designers of The Haçienda trainers. (1 point)

9. What was the building originally used for before becoming The Haçienda? (1 point)

10. Name the person that co-promoted 'Flesh' with Paul Cons. (1 point)

Round Two

1. Following closure, The Haçienda reopened with three new nights. Name them. (3 points)

2. Name either the author or the work from which The Haçienda name was taken. (1 point)

3. What was the name of The Haçienda's 1989 US tour? (1 point)

4. Name the band formed by Paul Morley and Trevor Horn. (1 point)

5. Name the building company responsible for The Haçienda flats. (1 point)

6. When Frankie Knuckles played The Haçienda on New Year's Eve 1996 was he paid:
a. GBP 5k?
b. GBP 15k?
c. GBP 25k? (1 point)

7. Who bought The Haçienda DJ booth at the auction (and then lost it)? (1 point)

8. A regular performer at The Haçienda, born Alexander Coe in Bangor, worked at Shelley's in the mid-eighties, now a superstar DJ. Who am I? (1 point)

9. Which internationally famous ex-Haçienda DJ started out as a chef at Dry Bar? (1 point)

10. What was the Factory catalogue number of The Haçienda cat? (1 point)

11. Which famous television music programme was recorded at The Haçienda in the mid-eighties? (1 point)

Many thanks to both Elliot Eastwick and Urbis for kindly allowing us to re-run the quiz.


- - - -