1 Sept 2007
The missing link between The Beatles and Nirvana 
With 'enhanced' versions of Joy Division's albums to be released by Warners in September, the movie Control being released in October and a documentary about Joy Division slated for 2008, Paul Lester tells how "Ian Curtis's story has become rock legend" and talks to his three bandmates, who "lived through the sad reality" in The Guardian.

"When I listen to Nirvana, I hear [New Order's] Ceremony bass line on quite a few of those songs. So I'd have to say, yes, we are the missing link between the Beatles and Nirvana." says Hooky.

"I'd agree with that," says Bernard.

"It's not for me to say whether we're the most important band since the Beatles," says Steve. "I just happened to be in a group whose music I loved. When you're doing it, there's no intent in terms of being historically important."

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