16 Oct 2007
A fake Mexican restaurant on the Costa del Sol 
Ben Kelly fondly recalls the Haçienda in the new issue of i-D magazine*:

"Tony and Rob, in their fabulous naivety, thought that it would be a couple of coats of paint, stick a bar and a toilet and a stage in it and that would be it. They approached me naively, having never commissioned a nightclub before, and I approached them naively, having never done one before. But that turned out to be a strength rather than a weakness. Then Tony told me it was going to be called The Haçienda, which I hated. I couldn't even bring myself to say it. It sounded like it should be a fake Mexican restaurant on the Costa del Sol."

* - also includes several tributes to Tony Wilson, Anton Corbijn on Control, the Haçienda coat check chicks, Ian Tilton, and much more.

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