1 Oct 2007
Cornerhouse Control 
Manchester's Cornerhouse has scheduled a number of events to coincide with their showing of the Ian Curtis film Control:

In Conversation: Matt Greenhalgh
Matt (screenwriter) and Hooky (character) will discuss, amongst other topics, "the responsibilities of representing real people".
Friday 19th October 2007, 18.30, GBP 5.00 (GBP 4.00 concessions).

So It Goes
90 minutes of "A rare opportunity to catch episodes of groundbreaking television".
Saturday 20th October 2007, 15.45.

24 Hour Party People
A chance to see that film again on a big screen. "A glorious paean - don’t miss it".
Saturday/Sunday 20th/21st October 2007, 15.45/11.55.

Transmission: Pop Music on British TV
Omnipresent journo John Robb "chairs a panel of critics, academics and presenters in a discussion of current provision for pop music programmes on British TV", including clips from The White Room, The Word and So It Goes.
Monday 22nd October 2007, 18:30, GBP 5.00 (GBP 4.00 concessions).

One Hour Intro: Pop/Art
A talk based around "the influence of pop music on contemporary art, and vice versa" led by Visual Arts Education Officer Chris Clarke..
Wednesday 24th October 2007, 17:00, GBP 3.50 (GBP 3.00 concessions).

Anton Corbijn: Music To Your Eyes
90 minutes of Corbijn's earlier works including music videos, Captain Beefheart documentary and interviews.
Thursday 25th October 2007, 18.10, GBP 2.00 (GBP 1.50 concessions).

Cornerhouse Box Office: (0)161 200 1500 (12:00-20:00).

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