23 Oct 2007
Missing Link 
Factory Records to Rammstein in three steps:

1. Lavolta Lakota
Lavolta Lakota release 7" single on Factory Benelux. Produced (studio and live) by Be Music (Peter Hook). Following a brief stint by (ex-Stockholm Monsters) Shan Hira, Mike Simkins becomes the second Lav Lak drummer.

2. Boys From Greece
'Mike Simmi' joins goth band BFG. With two albums and various other recordings released on the Attica label, BFG "help define the goth/industrial sound", before splitting in 1991.

3. Rammstein
"18 months ago Attica had an email asking if BFG had any new material as were looking for a support on their World tour".

BFG are recording a new album, 'Pulling Wings From Butterflies', and their eighties single 'Higher Than Heaven' is due to appear in the Record Collector "Top Twenty All Time Goth Hits" chart.

For John and Amy.

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