21 Oct 2007
So It (doesn't) Go 
Having provided such a high quality, entertaining evening the previous night, the Cornerhouse rather spoiled its ongoing Control season on Saturday 20th October 2007 with the So It Goes event.

The running order of the matinee show was:

Elvis Costello: 'Alison' (series 2, episode 2)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions: 'Chelsea'; 'Watching the Detectives' (series 2, episode 2)
The Stranglers: 'Somethin' Better Change' (series 2, episode 5)
Sex Pistols: 'Anarchy In The UK' (series 2, episode 8)
The Clash: 'Capital Radio'; 'Janie Jones'; 'Garageland' (series 2, episode 10)
Elvis Costello & the Attractions: 'No Dancing' (series 2, episode 7)
Joy Division: 'Transmission' (BBC Somethin' Else)
Interview: Tony Wilson, Steve Morris (BBC Somethin' Else)
Joy Division: 'She's Lost Control' (BBC Somethin' Else).

Originally described by the Cornerhouse (and posted by cerysmatic) as "A rare opportunity to catch episodes of groundbreaking television", no actual 'episodes' were shown.

Instead, the 60 minute (advertised as 90 minutes) collection of excerpts - all of which have either been shown elsewhere ad nauseam (Sex Pistols), are still available for viewing (Elvis Costello, The Clash) or were not actually 'So It Goes'/Granada footage at all (Joy Division) - were so crudely edited so that even Tony Wilson's links were cut short, often mid-sentence.

Attendees were far from impressed. Apologies to anybody that attended as a result of our posting.

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