22 Oct 2007
The Original Resident 
Greg Wilson has an interview with original Haçienda resident DJ Hewan Clarke on his website, electrofunkroots.co.uk.

The following, taken from Greg's MySpace, sets the scene:

"Hewan Clarke is the quintessential Manchester DJ. If medals were given out for services to the city's nightlife, based on overall contribution coupled with sheer longevity, he'd be first in line. As the original Hacienda resident, he was a fixture of the club during its difficult formative years – his perspective on this period absolutely vital for anyone wishing to gain a fuller understanding of the clubs evolution. Yet, rather than being regarded as a central figure in Manchester's rise to prominence during the 80's, the decade in which the city became world-renowned for its dance music scene, Hewan has been cast as little more than a bit part player. Maybe this is because his association with The Hacienda has obscured everything else he's done, not least his time at three of the most influential venues of the pre-Rave era – The Gallery, Berlin and The Playpen (not to mention Moss Side's gloriously notorious Reno). The irony being that The Hacienda could never have exploded in the way it did without these three clubs, along with Legend, laying the groundwork. So, whilst Hewan will always be named in the history books in connection with The Hacienda, his greatest contribution was surely his role as a major player on the all-important black underground."


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