13 Dec 2007
You're going home in a Crispy Ambulance 
A very healthy 100+ strong crowd saw an on-form Crispy Ambulance return to the live stage last Saturday "early evening" at Sub Space in Manchester (just under the railway and around the corner from The Ritz). Support act Triclops (not Morganstein as previously announced) turned in an engrossing electronica set about an hour earlier and won the prize for the Most Innovative Use of Ironing Boards in Popular Music. Full(er) review to follow. Traditional Cerysmatic shout-outs to David "David Nolan" Nolan, Sam, Alex Staszko, Cath Aubergine, Cath Berry, Rob and Lee (recovered yet?).

All the best to Crispy Ambulance when they continue the comeback at A Factory Night (Once Again) in Brussels this coming Saturday 15 December 2007.


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